Acore Shelving
Measuring for Replacement or New Shelves


When measuring from slotted uprights, please ensure your tape or ruler is at the exact inside of one 'in'-side of a slot and the other end of the tape is measuring the adjacent slot, also on the 'in'-side of the slot.

Shelf size is 11-3/4".


Measuring the shelf at the base is very accurate. This shelf is a nominal 12" or 11-15/16" on the outside ends.

Shelves should be measured at either the outside most portion of the ends at the back of the shelf where the ruler is resting, or measured just inside the ends just above where the ruler is resting (between the flag & the product label). One must indicate which measurement you have used. It is a good idea to verify your obtained dimension with the product label.




The ACORE Product Label will list the exact shelf description, style and size.

Product: AB11x30 shelf.

AB indicates a standard 11" shelf in depth with a 15 degree back slope. x30 indicates the shelf is 30" in length.






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