About Acore

Versatile Lightweight Aluminum Shelving System

ACORE Shelving™ & Products, Inc. manufactures a versatile lightweight aluminum shelving system with shelving components & products. All components are constructed from superior grade lightweight materials, primarily aluminum and stainless steel. Ninety-five percent (95%) of ACORE components and products are coated with our "Brite White" powder coating. Each shelving unit is built to withstand the unique stresses imposed by a mobile environment.

Options for Use

The shelving layouts may be designed for Bookmobile, transfer, nursing & congregate living facilities, hospital, and other outreach needs. We strive to design our ACORE components and products to be backward compatible for existing Acore installed shelves in Bookmobiles back to 1984. We pride ourselves on designing components around your needs and requests. ACORE frequently manufactures specially designed components for libraries without typical prototyping charges.

Our Acore book trucks have undergone several upgrades for better interchangeability in 2016 through 2018. With the addition of the end panels there are more options for variation in heights for securing carts to the walls. In addition to the goal of allowing both the Double sided & the 'Wall-Hugger' carts to fit more easily into the wall security devices we have reduced the overall length by 1/2". Previous 'Wall-Hugger' changes revolved around inclusion into the smaller vans with sloping walls such as the Sprinter and Transit, which included reducing depth & heights of the units.



"Acore’s rain covers are the best, as you can unzip them, exposing the books, but leave them on the carts, rather than pull them off and pile them somewhere."
~Loudon County Public Library, Leesburg, Va.


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