Why Choose ACORE Aluminum Shelving & Components . . . instead of conventional wood shelves for your bookmobile

Appearance: Aluminum shelves are lighter and brighter. Actual color of images shown are a "brite-white"

Shelf Labels: Acore Shelf Nosing Strips allow for the color-coding of each section. Add 1" color strips and then add vinyl letters for professional-looking labels.

Adjustable and Interchangeable: Acore shelves are all adjustable and interchangeable like the shelves in your library. You can easily replace any shelves with periodical displayers, bins, worktops, video or divided shelves - whatever you need.

StrongAluminum shelves don't sag or work loose - they stay put.

Durable:When the bookmobile wears out, ACORE shelves will be good as new. Just move them to your new vehicle.

Save $$$: Light weight aluminum shelving means a lighter truck - and lighter gas bills.

Colors available: Various Powder Coat colors are available. Actual color of images shown are a "brite white"

Folding Desk

The top option is for an 18" desktop. Available currently in 36" wide only. Also available for flat wall application on the Acore NS8 slotted Uprights or on the Sprinter/Van style for inward sloping welded Acore uprights. Photo shown has a 'Dry Marker Board' above.

The Acore 'Compu-Truck'

a double-sided booktruck base for 7" shelves with a lower center support bar allowing for laptop utilization on a single flat surface. The end is shown with various configurations of 'Wall-Security-Devices' produced since 2006.

Face Out 9" Wall Shelf

Standard AB shelves

15° slope with 3+ standard cleats. Available in 7", 9" and 11". 9" shown

Rough Rider RR Shelves

9" AB ShelfSpecial agressive cleated shelves are used in bookmobiles, trailers or transfer vehicles primarily on the back walls, well aft of the wheel-wells, or the front walls to prevent the shelves from coming off when going over bumps. RR shelves are at a 20° slope to ensure that books hold fast!

DVD/CD/PaperbackACORE shelves with both levels for 'spine-out' display on the DVD-11". With the "DVD-9" shelf, the bottom shelf allows 'spine-out' while the upper shelf holds only the 'face-out' display option. Each 'spine-out' shelf will accommodate the plastic security locking devices.
Flat Equipment Shelf
Flat Equipment Acore ShelvesFlat Equipment Shelves for computer monitor, printer, or other equipment. Depth: 9" or 12" Shown is 12".;.
Bag Rack
Bag RackBag Shelf Frame Assembly for hanging support and display of special program BAGS. [Specify length]
R18 Under Counter Brackets
Acore R18 Under Counter BracketsDesktop Brackets are available for customer's own desk or counter top materials. See the Worktop supports section.
Security Device
Security DeviceSecurity Device for Wall Hugger or Double sided Booktruck attached to uprights to secure booktrucks 
Dry Marker Board
Dry Erase Board18 x 36 Dry Erase Board allows you to instantly update your announcements with dry markers. Attach to uprights the same as 36" Acore shelves.
Nosing Strips
Nosing StripsShelf nosing Strips and color-strips are standard on Acore shelves for professional shelf-labels and color coding sections.


We will be adding more products so come back soon and check out what is new.


"Acore’s rain covers are the best, as you can unzip them, exposing the books, but leave them on the carts, rather than pull them off and pile them somewhere."
~Loudon County Public Library, Leesburg, Va.


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