Booktrucks At Last: Adjustable Shelves!


The typical catalog-ordered book carts are fine for smooth floors. Acore Shelving™ is customized, versatile, and built to last. The ACORE truck is built to take it. Bump it over curbs, up nursing-home ramps - it doesn't care.

It's all aluminum, made with long solid welds (not tiny tack-welds like regular booktrucks) and uses the same tough shelving Acore makes for bookmobiles. Lightweight ACORE trucks save your aching back and never need rewelding or painting.

ACORE trucks have adjustable shelves: hang them close together for paperbacks - far apart for reference books. Or replace shelves with pull out shelves, display racks, worktops, divider shelves, bins - whatever you need. ACORE wil even design special shelves just for you. ACORE trucks make it easy to shift books, too, because their shelves are the same length as library shelves - and each booktruck will hold a whole standard library shelving section.

These ACORE Booktrucks are the heaviest-duty units manufactured, while being among the very lightest booktrucks available on the market.

Should you have a line-item for book truck replacements in your budget?Compu Truck with 2 worktops

Consider an Acore Booktruck, whether a single-sided ‘Wall Hugger’ or a two-sided ‘Double7’. We see our Acore Booktrucks in service for twenty plus years. The Caster Assemblies may become damaged after years of rough sidewalk joints, door sills, parking lots, pot holes and rough asphalt pavement abuse, BUT these casters or wheels may be easily replaced. Our Acore Booktruck welded frames HAVE NOT failed to protect their libraries or their book loads and keep-on servicing your clients.

Even after a fully loaded Wall-Hugger pushed over a loading dock, survived with merely damaging two of the four casters and two of the three shelf wrapper, but the shelves can be re-worked (not just merely replaced), while the rugged Acore Booktruck welded frame remained undamaged, with the exception for a few scratches which were touched up.

If you have a need for another booktruck consider buying an Acore Booktruck. Acore Booktrucks will survive as your outreach services expands over the years. Our Acore carts come fully assembled, merely place the shelves in the position required for your book collection load-out and then begin your service.


"Acore’s rain covers are the best, as you can unzip them, exposing the books, but leave them on the carts, rather than pull them off and pile them somewhere."
~Loudon County Public Library, Leesburg, Va.


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