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The small rural libraries are the reason that I really began the development of aluminum shelving. Libraries can convert vehicles using our aluminum shelves & products with our slotted uprights.

The mobile environment requires a booktruck to replace manually lugging heavy boxes and bags filled to overflowing.

In 1984 I did a favor for a friend from my original sheet metal shop. His wife happened to be a nationally known Bookmobile Librarian, who happened to love aluminum shelving for the damp Florida weather and our rural communities’ innovativeness to make their own Bookmobiles. The result was the development of our unique aluminum shelves and products with slotted uprights.

Don ThompsonAsk Don Questions and Answers

Q. Is white the only color available for the Acore Shelves?
A. NO. There are a wide variety of Powder Coating Colors available, but white is the most common. The white seems to make the interior look larger. Where color is wanted is usually in the delineation of a subject area, as fiction, reference, children, etc. This color coding can be accomplished by merely sliding Acore ‘Color Strips’ into the uniquely designed 'Nose or Ticket Holder' on the front exposed portion of each Acore shelf.

Q. Can a small library install your Acore Shelving on their own?
A. Absolutely! The original intent of our Acore Shelving Product line was to provide small community libraries with a simple, durable system, which could be installed by your own staff.

Q. Will Acore design a layout for our needs?
A. Regretably, we are not bookmobile designers, but... We do design products for your mobile library needs. There are also Bookmobile Manufacturers & Upfitters, as well as an independent Bookmobile Designer/Engineer, who offer those design services as a part of their products and services.

Q. How can we reliably select a specific Acore shelf for our need?
A. Describe your need in detail. We should be able to pair both your need designed for your bookmobile or transfer vehicle working environments or the position in the bookmobile. Caution, when you have a range of books on a back wall or one far aft of the wheel wells, you may need a specially designed shelf with a deeper angle and the special ‘Rough-Rider’ cleats, which will not allow either the books to hop out of the shelf or the shelf off the supports! We have remedies for most of those obstacles.

Q. What if I do not see a shelf that meets our needs?
A. Give us a call or e-mail describing your specific need or problem. We can design a solution for your problem area. When there is a common need for other libraries, Acore will not charge your library a proto-typing charge, providing we can offer this product to others.

Q. Our library does not have a lot of money, how will Acore be most economical for us?
A. Great question and just for this purpose we have designed the Acore product line to be totally compatible with our newest designs. We also have attempted to keep most Acore Products backward compatible, which means that our shelves manufactured in 1984 will fit in your newly Acore outfitted bookmobile. There are only about 5% of our specialty or proto-type products which may require slight modifications with our library friendly adaptor kit.

Q. We have an Acore shelf that was abused, can we have them fixed?
A. Definitely, we have enjoyed refurbishing not only individual shelves, but also one of our original proto-type double sided booktrucks made in 1984! You may find that most of your staff will not be able to identify the 'Refurbished' component(s) from a new Acore Component!

Q. Our ELF Bookmobile was manufactured in the late 1990's and the Acore shelves are not the nice white of the new bookmobiles seen at the last ABOS conference. Is there anything we can do with these shelves?

    A. Three fixes could apply:
    1. You could find a local powder coating shop to coat your shelves during a shut-down period.
    2. If you are within a few hundred miles of our North Florida Facilities, we will arrange for you to drive your bookmobile to our Powder Coater. Our coater will remove shelves from the bookmobile, acid etch each unit, powder coat, and return those shelves and plug them into your uprights. The coater has requested that you empty and wiped each shelf clean of residue, tape, etc.
    3. The last possibility would allow for you to remove shelves to ship back to Acore for ‘Recoating’. You could ship groups of 4 to 8 at a time and thus rotate the newly ‘recoated’ shelves as they return. Should your Bookmobile be out of service for a month or so, then send all back at once by truck line.



"Acore’s rain covers are the best, as you can unzip them, exposing the books, but leave them on the carts, rather than pull them off and pile them somewhere."
~Loudon County Public Library, Leesburg, Va.


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